Gym clothing is more than simply colours and patterns. Being a sportswoman requires upholding strong personal health standards. You must be aware that there are no muscles in the breasts. This makes it more prone to tissue tearing if not adequately secured during vigorous exercises. As a result, selecting the right type of bra with proper fit and support is critical.

That being said, a GBONK Sports Bra for gym is always ideal and will be your life saviour in any situation. Continue reading to find out more about its benefits and the best ways to ensure that you get the perfect sports bra for women online.

What Is A Sports Bra?

A sports bra, which is typically formulated with form-fitting spandex, is specifically worn during workouts. It is more robust than traditional bras, reduces breast movement, and provides additional support for a secure grip. You can also wear a sports bra with padding regularly as a substitute for normal bras due to the numerous benefits that it offers.

Benefits of Sports Bras

Sports bras are more than just a gym necessity. Many doctors and industry professionals believe that wearing a sports bra not only provides health benefits but also helps keep the breasts in form.

Healing after surgery 

Cosmetic surgeons emphasise the importance of wearing a sports bra throughout the healing period following surgery because of the comfort it provides. Blood circulation is hampered by the hook and elastic in a conventional bra. A sports bra in these situations is quite advantageous.

Comfort and support

During physical activities such as workouts, Zumba, jogging, walking, aerobics, and so on, breast movement can be painful and bothersome. Sports bras provide full support to the breast, limiting mobility. Due to the absence of tight hooks, and thin straps, they are more breathable.

Moisture wicking and temperature control

Sports bras are made of high-performance athletic materials that absorb perspiration and help to keep you dry. As a result, moisture buildup and the risk of bacteria and odours are reduced. This will eventually keep your body cool while exercising. You can also wear sports bras to battle the heat regularly.

No premature sagging

According to research, poor support and breast movement might lead to premature sagging. This is because these movements cause the firmness of the breasts to weaken and sag over time. Breasts undergo more movement in regular bras. Wearing a sports bra is an efficient way to avoid breast sagging.

Less pain

Intense movement during any physical exercise induces movement in the muscle ligaments of the breasts as well. This commonly results in pain and soreness in the breasts. Unlike a typical bra, which lacks sturdiness and support, a sports bra securely holds the breasts in place and inhibits movement in their muscle ligaments.

Choosing The Right Sports Bra Online

The market is filled with sports bra brand and affordable women activewears in India. But a poorly fitting bra can be a nuisance, causing irritation, chafing, pain, and even soft tissue injury. Such pain or discomfort can also be a serious barrier to workout. Choosing the right sports bra is not rocket science, but these pointers can surely help you with your next purchase.

Know the different types of supports

Consider the type of activities you'll be undertaking before deciding on the appropriate level of bra support. Sports bras are meant to provide three levels of support, depending on the impact level of the sport: low, medium, and high. The greater the impact, the greater the requirement for support.

  • Low: These are lightweight with narrow straps, ideal for walking, and yoga.
  • Medium: They have wider bands and straps and are ideal for hiking, skiing, and cycling.
  • High: These have the widest adjustable straps that are perfect for strenuous fitness programs, running and mountain biking.


Know your size

Here’s a way to find out the right size for you.

  • Band measurement: Take a flexible measuring tape and measure around the rib cage just below your bust. This is a tighter fit so remember to pull it a little for the perfect size. Round down the size to the closest inch.
  • Bust measurement: Measure the widest part of your bust with the tape.¬†

Now find out the difference between the two measurements in inches. For every inch of a difference, the cup size increases by 1, starting from a difference of 3.

Use our size guide to find out your size based on the measurements.

Follow some tips

  • The cup fabric should be smooth. Wrinkles on it indicate that the cup is too big for you. Lightly cushioned cups provide the optimum support and protection.
  • Make sure your sports bra is tight but does not restrict breathing.
  • Any underwire should be flat against the rib case, below your breast, and not twisted or pushed in.
  • If you can put more than two fingers between your chest and the material, it's too big and will cause chafing.¬†
  • Straps should be broad and comfy. Tight and thin straps have a tendency to dig in and cause pain and discomfort. Looser straps do not give adequate support.¬†

The GBONK Sports Bra for Women

GBONK features the craftsmanship of talented Indian designers to bring before you the GBONK Activewear for Women and the GBONK Sport Bra at unbeatable prices. With premium fabrics and meticulous handwork, we present before you the G X Women Sports Bra (WSB) in the model Performance, to ensure that your fitness routine is geared with the best activewear available in India. The best part is that it comes in 5 different colours to inspire you.

Our products are created with polyester, bamboo, spandex, and cotton, each coming with its unique benefits.

  • Cotton: Can manage odor.
  • Polyester: Makes the sports bra lightweight and wrinkle-free. It also has insulating properties to make it fit for any weather.
  • Bamboo: An environment-friendly material that has excellent moisture-wicking properties and provides protection from UV rays.
  • Spandex: Ensures high stretchability, absorbs sweat, dries quickly, and helps in agile movements.



Pair up the GBONK Sports Bra with fitted leggings and a zipper jacket for a flawless gym mode. Team it up with a pair of baggy jeans for a balanced everyday look too!

With all these considerations and exclusive benefits of choosing the right sports bra and GBONK Gym Clothes for women online, you are bound to have the most flexible and comfortable fitness journey ahead!

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