Our Goal 

GBONK will be a 1st thought after Gym, as we become the next top cult brand in India.Available to buy only within the country, and we'll make a statement to the world when we're ready. We aspire to be in every wardrobe in India.

Our Mission

We want everyone to be in the Gym wearing GBONK and collaborate with us to spread our passion. This is a game of making our minds and bodies stronger; you need passion, you need a community, and we need the loudest voice.

The GBONK brand will provide you with that passion, and we will build the biggest community and the loudest voice. 

What is GBONK?

GBONK's activewear collection is designed to cater to the needs of the Indian consumer base, offering a range of affordable and high-quality gym clothes for both men and women. The activewear apparel is crafted using breathable fabric, making it perfect for intense workout sessions, even in the harsh Indian climate. Whether you're into yoga, running, or weightlifting, GBONK's activewear apparel provides the perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality.

GBONK is committed to revolutionising the Indian activewear apparel niche with its consumer-centric approach, where customer satisfaction is paramount. The startup understands that fitness is not just a trend but a way of life, and its activewear collection aims to empower individuals to achieve their fitness goals with confidence and style.

GBONK's activewear collection is the perfect choice for anyone looking for affordable, functional, and stylish workout apparel in India. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a casual gym-goer, GBONK has got you covered with its range of activewear apparel that is designed to elevate your workout experience.

What does GBONK represent?


GBONK was conceptualised keeping in mind the people that the brand caters to. 

G represent Gym

BONK - Have you ever indulged in an intensive workout session after which you’ve been left with absolutely no energy whatsoever? The feeling of satisfaction knowing that you’ve burnt a lot of calories is what we want our consumers to experience.

Our commitment towards sustainability

As an Indian based startup, we at GBONK are committed to providing quality activewear that caters to the masses. To make this dream a reality, we have collaborated with local Indian manufacturers and Indian designers to develop a range of affordable activewear using locally sourced breathable fabric.

Our designers are given all the liberty to explore their creativity and come up with designs that best exude the character and personality of the consumer. We at GBONK understand the importance of longevity and durability for our consumers, which is why we source locally available Indian based fabrics used to create our activewear.

An Indian based apparel brand with onboard Indian designers. Collaborating with Indian manufacturers and Indian designers, we aim to create a sustainable workflow process that enables all Indians to purchase premium quality