Which T-shirts should you wear at the gym ?


In today’s fast-paced world, spending time indulging in an active lifestyle takes a lot of dedication and intrinsic motivation. Going to the gym or taking up any physical activity is just the first step to leading a healthier lifestyle. The real challenge lies in actually sustaining this lifestyle and integrating it into your daily schedule.

"To pursue such a lifestyle regularly, the gym wear apparel you wear must enable you to indulge in your movements without any inhibitions"

In this article, we introduce you to GBONK activewear and the range of gym t-shirts for men that we’ve developed, keeping in mind both the functionality and the affordability of these made in India activewear apparel. So without further ado, let’s get straight to it. 

Tips For Buying Men's Gym T-shirts 

With the abundance of men’s gym t-shirts options available online, it has become imperative for you to know about the various nuances to be looked at while purchasing your activewear. GBONK provides 

Here is a list of some tips you should keep in mind the next time you are buying your activewear apparel.

  • Avoid graphic designs on gym t-shirts.

Although designs and taglines may look good on a men’s gym t-shirt at first, they may tend to offend someone unintentionally. Further, t-shirts buy that have a lot of designs imprinted on them may not be of the best quality in terms of breathability and thus may inhibit your efficiency while working out. 

  • Purchase the right fit

Make sure not to purchase too snug a fit, especially if you regularly indulge in cardio-based workouts. The snug fit hampers your movement and prevents you from indulging in the complete range of motion that will maximize your workout. 

Functional cues to look for in your gym t-shirt 

  • Lightweight

One of the first and foremost factors to look at in your gym t-shirt is how light the fabric feels. Premium fabric clothes like the range of activewear apparel offered by GBONK allow you to freely engage in your workout even when you start to sweat. Lightweight fabrics will have the property to dry quickly and thus will enable you to indulge in an intensive workout. 

  • Heat-radiating 

The GBONK men’s t-shirt for the gym forms the perfect bridge between aesthetics and functionality. Manufactured using 100% polyester fabric, gbonk activewear apparel allows you to remain dry without dealing with the hassle of the material sticking to your body.

Not only does GBONK’s men collection absorb lesser sweat, but they also dry up much faster when compared to their counterpart activewear apparel. This allows for a lighter fabric that allows maximum sweat dispersion and facilitates your movements rather than hindering them. It may not seem like much, but these are the acceptable margins that elevate your workout experience and allow you to establish an unhindered muscle-mind connection.

  • Look For Anti-Chafe Stitched Apparel

Have you ever felt discomfort as the seam of a t-shirt brushed off against your skin during a workout? To prevent experiencing such discomfort the next time you indulge in your workout, make sure to purchase yourself gym wear apparel that does not have any extra fabric sticking out from the seam within your gym t-shirt. The seamless stitching will elevate the quality of your workout and will allow you to indulge in long workout sessions without having to worry about the comfort of your men’s gym t-shirt. 

Affordable Gym Tshirts Online ft. GBONK 

Pursuing workouts regularly, especially in Indian conditions, can become physically very demanding for your body. Thus, it has become imperative for one to indulge in wearing activewear that supports your movement and allows your body to breathe. GBONK has helped revolutionise the Indian ecosystem of activewear apparel and has developed a range of gym clothes for men that integrates functionality with aesthetics. 

GBONK t-shirt for gym

After developing a range of men’s stringers, GBONK now offers you a range of gym t-shirts for men that will help you take your workout to the next level.

"These t-shirts are manufactured using 100% polyester, which enhances the breathability of your activewear apparel and helps radiate heat away from your body when you indulge in an intense workout"

These made-in-India gym wear t-shirts are engineered keeping in mind the microclimate of the subcontinent and the various other factors that directly affect the quality of your workout. Not only does this apparel absorb lesser sweat, but it also dries up much faster than compared to their counterpart activewear apparel due to the premium fabric used in its manufacture. This property allows for a lighter material that allows maximum sweat dispersion and facilitates your movements rather than hindering them.


The best part about the GBONK men’s t-shirt for gym is that you can now choose between three variations- grey gym t-shirt, black gym t-shirt or white gym t-shirt. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the latest GBONK activewear apparel and feel the GBONK difference.

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