Where to buy men's gymwear online in India ?

If you’ve been in and around the fitness ecosphere, you’ll know just how important it is to equip yourself with the right apparel. People often commit to buying activewear that is flashy rather than comfortable, and subsequently, they aren’t able to get a good workout in. That’s something we certainly don’t want happening to ourselves now, do we?

- We at GBONK have recognised what you need and have come up with a line of premium fabric clothes and activewear for men and women that will enhance the quality of your workouts. 

In times like this, when we’ve been forced to stay indoors and maintain our physical and mental well-being, purchasing breathable activewear becomes very important. Premium fabric clothes and quality activewear will facilitate and empower you to indulge in an intense workout, even if it means an indoor activity, which is why functionality should be the driving factor behind all your decisions regarding purchasing men’s gym clothes in 2021.

We at GBONK have collaborated with local artisans and fabric manufacturers who have insights into the Indian climate to provide our customers with premium quality gym wear. Additionally, with the help of their inputs, we have come up with affordable activewear in India that will help promote a culture of physical activity amongst the masses.

In this blog post, we will be going over some of the nuances you should keep in mind when you’re online and purchasing some gym clothes for yourself.

Functionality Over Aesthetics 

Judging activewear by its price and how good it looks on you isn’t the way to go about things, especially when you’re looking to purchase activewear. The ability of the apparel to allow you to flexibly move around and maintain a good posture and correct form while indulging in your exercise is what you should strive for as a consumer.

" Flashy gym wear may look good on you, but they don’t necessarily add anything to the quality of your workout. And they most definitely will not allow you to move freely during your activities "

Gym clothes for men and women that GBONK has developed are designed keeping in mind functionality as the significant parameter that needs to be addressed. Our range of premium fabric clothes and activewear for men have been manufactured after thorough testing in adverse climate conditions and thus will help freely engage in movement.

Breathable Fabric 

As cliche as it may sound, ensure that your activewear is made of breathable fabric, especially if you’re considering working out indoors. Good quality fabric will help radiate the heat and sweat away from your body and will allow you to immerse in an intense workout without feeling stuffy and uncomfortable.

Going through with purchasing GBONK’s range of gym clothes for men and women ensures that your apparel is made of the most breathable fabric materials that will help elevate the quality of your workout even in the most adverse of temperature conditions. 


Make sure you wear right fit 

Purchasing gym clothes that are just the right fit will allow you to indulge in the movement without any hindrance. Gym clothes that are too baggy can get caught up in the equipment and may lead to serious injury, whereas too snug a fit, and you’ll find it challenging to engage in the full range of motion.

At GBONK, you can choose amongst many choices for gym wear for men online in India. We have developed a range of affordable activewear in India and have ensured that all our gym wear apparel comes in multiple sizes.

Be careful with cotton 

While it’s essential to choose your clothes based on comfort, you also need to ensure that your apparel supports you during your workouts. Cotton as a material is very comfortable, but it absorbs moisture quickly, especially if you decide to wear it during your cardio day. So make sure to avoid the fabric, especially when you’re going to indulge in workouts for long sessions. 



What’s worse, poor quality cotton gym wear can cause skin irritations and will leave you cold once you’re done with your workout. However, with GBONK, you will not have to worry about the subpar quality. As an activewear brand based out of India, we pride ourselves on the quality of our gym clothes for men and women. So rest assured when you indulge in the purchase of any GBONK activewear as we strive towards promoting a culture of fitness within the country. 

With that being said, make sure to choose your ensemble that is made of a breathable and sweat resistant fabric that will keep you nice and dry during your high-intensity workouts. 

Base Layers

Have you ever considered purchasing a snug fit base layer that will keep you warm when training outdoors? A base layer essentially absorbs your sweat and helps reduce the risk of injury as they allow your muscles to cool off gradually.

If you’re someone who loves a long run outdoors, try getting your hands on a base layer and experience the difference on your next run. GBONK provides you with a whole variety of choices to browse through on our online website as we bring to you affordable activewear in India that will help you get into the groove of working out. 


The pandemic has reiterated the importance of physical well-being in our lives, so more and more enthusiasts indulge in workouts. However, the lack of knowledge, especially in the niche of activewear apparel, has meant that people are unaware of the detrimental effect of working out on their bodies if not done correctly. 

To ensure that the common masses can now indulge in physical exercise, we introduce to you GBONK activewear. This activewear apparel startup based in India promotes affordable and functional gym clothes for men and women. Additionally, the activewear range for men has been designed mainly, keeping in mind the Indian subcontinent’s harsh climate. Visit our website via the link given below and subscribe to our newsletters to get more content.

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