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Some people like to refer to it as a sleeveless t-shirt whereas others call it a tank top or a sando (i.e stringers). The point of the matter is, regardless of what they are called, the tank top is one of the most functional pieces of gym wear apparel that you can indulge in, especially with the high humidity and temperatures that are experienced in the Indian subcontinent. GBONK has come up with a range of gym tank tops for men that will revolutionise the way in which you indulge in your workouts.

These pieces of fabric apparel will enable you to indulge in the full movement of your exercise without being hindered. And the best part about GBONK’s men collection is the fact that since it’s a homegrown brand, the climatic aspects are kept well in mind by the numerous and talented Indian artisans who carefully hand-stitch these tank tops. Thus, you can be assured of an unparalleled quality every time you purchase a GBONK gym wear product.

Affordable Gym Stringers Online | GBONK

Pursuing workouts regularly, especially in Indian conditions, can become physically very demanding for your body. Thus, it has become imperative for one to indulge in wearing activewear that supports your movement and allows your body to breathe. GBONK has helped revolutionize the Indian ecosystem of activewear apparel and has developed a range of gym clothes for men that integrates functionality with aesthetics. 


A common mistake that people make is the fact that they purchase themselves gym wear that is aesthetic rather than functional. Wearing tight apparel to the gym reduces the heat radiation from the body and thus can lead to dehydration and fatigue. 

After developing a range of men’s stringers, GBONK now offers you a range of gym tank tops and gym sandos that maximise breathability and thus help you take your workout experience to the next level. Manufactured using 100% polyester, these gym tank tops are engineered keeping in mind the microclimate of the subcontinent and how it’s imperative for your gym wear apparel to allow for heat radiation and thereby cooling off the body.

Functional cues to look for in your gym tank top

  • Breathability Of The Fabric 

One of the first and foremost factors to look at in your gym tank tops is the material and how breathable it is. Given the hot climatic conditions that are experienced in India, your gym wear apparel must not only support but also further enable your ability to indulge in a workout outdoors.  


Premium gym sandos and gym tank tops for men like the range of activewear apparel offered by GBONK allow you to freely engage in your workout even when you start to sweat profusely.

  • Responsive To The Climate  

The GBONK men’s tank top is manufactured using 100% polyester that makes the fabric very functional and reactive to the climate experienced outdoors in the Indian subcontinent. 

Not only does GBONK’s men collection absorb lesser sweat, but they also dry up much faster when compared to their counterpart activewear apparel. This allows for a lighter fabric that allows maximum sweat dispersion and facilitates your movements rather than hindering them. It may not seem like much, but these are the acceptable margins that elevate your workout experience and allow you to establish an unhindered muscle-mind connection.

What To Wear At The Gym ft. GBONK Activewear 

The quality of your workout is directly impacted by the quality of what you wear to your gymnasium. A common mistake that you can commit as a beginner is not giving due importance to the apparel you wear to the gym. The best kind of gym clothing allows you to move around and supports your movement freely. Factors like the fit of the apparel, the fabric with which it’s made, and so forth significantly impact the quality of the apparel.

Keeping in mind these factors, your primary aim should be to wear apparel that isn’t a snug fit and allows you to move freely. Considering it’s your first day indulging in physical activity, you’re bound to sweat a lot, and a snug fit t-shirt will not help your cause. Materials like polyester, spandex and a mixture of nylon and dry-fit are all breathable fabrics that keep you dry and allow to radiate heat away from your body.  


Keep in mind that you will not see results just after a day or two after joining the gym. It is a long-term process that needs time and consistency and GBONK’s gym wear collection for men allows you to maintain a routine by providing you with a range of affordable, high-quality gym wear apparel that you can purchase. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the latest GBONK activewear apparel and feel the GBONK difference. 


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