It takes a lot of dedication and motivation to muster up the will to indulge in an active lifestyle. But indulging in a first workout session is just the first step towards leading a healthier lifestyle; it’s just the start of your fitness journey. For someone who isn’t accustomed to visiting the gym, this whole experience can get overwhelming.

Keeping in mind your apprehensions and any potential questions about visiting the gym for the first time, Gbonk have put together a list of critical aspects that you must keep in mind. These will not only help settle the nerves for your first visit to the gym, but they’ll also help you establish some good workout habits. So without further ado, let’s get straight to it. 

What To Wear At The Gym ft. GBONK Activewear 

The quality of your workout is directly impacted by the quality of what you wear to your gymnasium. A common mistake that you can commit as a beginner is not giving due importance to the apparel you wear to the gym. The best kind of gym clothing allows you to move around and supports your movement freely. Factors like the fit of the apparel, the fabric with which it’s made, and so forth significantly impact the quality of the apparel.

Keeping in mind these factors, your primary aim should be to wear apparel that isn’t a snug fit and allows you to move freely. Considering it’s your first day indulging in physical activity, you’re bound to sweat a lot, and a snug fit t-shirt will not help your cause. Materials like polyester, spandex, and a mixture of nylon and dry-fit are all breathable fabrics that keep you dry and allow to radiate heat away from your body.  


We at GBONK have developed a range of gym wear for men and women, including stringers for the gym manufactured using polyester spandex fabrics that allow you to remain dry despite indulging in intensive workouts. These made-in-India activewear apparel are engineered keeping in mind the microclimate of the subcontinent and the various other factors that directly affect the quality of your workout. 

The GBONK’s men’s gym wear collection is an excellent indigenous option that you can try. With an exquisite range of t-shirts for the gym, shorts for the gym, sports bras for the gym, legging for the gym, and so forth, the GBONK activewear collection will revolutionise fitness as you know it. Not only does this apparel absorb lesser sweat, but it also dries up much faster than compared to their counterpart activewear apparel due to the premium fabric used in its manufacture. This property allows for a lighter material that allows maximum sweat dispersion and facilitates your movements rather than hindering them.

What to carry to they Gym ?

Having figured out what you must wear to the gym, it’s now time for you to pack your bag that you’ll take along with you. The absolute basic requirements include:

  • Water Bottle: You must stay hydrated during your workouts as you need to replenish all the water lost from your body in the form of sweat. 
  • Towel: As a basic courtesy to others in the gym around you, carry a towel to wipe clean any equipment you use so that the person after you can freely use the equipment. 
  • Change Of Clothes: Carrying an extra dry t-shirt to the gym is always a good practice whether you’ve to head for work or come in for an evening session. 

And the most important thing you need to carry to the gym is a positive mindset and an eagerness to indulge in an intense workout. Rather than considering your workout as a monotonous chore, indulge in it with a perspective to give it your very best. Only then will you experience the adrenaline high that your workout is supposed to stimulate.

Indulging in your first workout 

Having packed your workout paraphernalia, it’s now time to head over to the gym and indulge in your very first workout session. As you walk into the gym, make sure not to get overwhelmed by all the equipment present in the gym. 

Head to your workouts with a plan 

Most beginners commit the mistake of wanting to get their hands on every piece of equipment. Trying to use every machine on the very first day reduces the efficiency of your workout and creates a lot of hassle for other people at your gym.

Instead, a more effective technique would be to chalk out the exercises that any particular session will comprise. For example, you can consider starting with some cardio to warm up and then training a specific part of your body with some weights. This will help you streamline your thoughts and efforts, resulting in an immersive and engaging workout experience.

Your Competition Is Only You 

The only competition you have at the gym is your past self. One of the biggest mistakes that beginners make is to make their workout sessions a competition with others. Do not indulge in ego-lifting as this may lead to severe injuries, and such a mindset will not help you achieve the fitness goals you initially joined the gym for. Indulge in workouts only to enhance your quality of life rather than to compete with someone else. 

Don’t Try To Do It All In One Session 

Yes, that’s right. Indulging in all the exercises at once will not lead to miraculous growths. A balanced workout is the key to your development, so you should start by targeting a specific muscle group. Indulge in sets of 10 to 12 repetitions of any particular exercise, building up the weight gradually as and when you feel comfortable.

With that being said, make sure to put away gym equipment like dumbbells and weights once you’re done using them. This is part of some general etiquette that needs to be followed at the gym. 

Stretching And Recovery

Once you’re done with your workout of the targeted muscle group, it’s now time to cool your body down by indulging in some stretching and recovery exercises. Most people tend to ignore the importance of recovery but think about it. How can your body grow if you only subject it to physical tension? You also need to allow your body to repair the worn-out muscle groups to stimulate growth. 

A cool-down and recovery session will prevent your body from being sore the next day. It will empower you to indulge in your next workout session with the same intensity and enthusiasm as before.  

Done With Your First Gym Session, What Next?

Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Following your workout session, it’s essential to eat well and provide your body with adequate rest. Keep up the motivation and try inculcating a habit of regularly indulging in your workout sessions.

To help you get started with your fitness journey, you can now pre-book your very own GBONK men’s stringer by our official website and experience the change in the quality of workouts.

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