GBONK is a new startup based in Hyderabad, India and is set to revolutionize the Indian gym apparels industry by providing high quality fabrics at affordable prices. The company was officially launched on May 25th, 2021 and has been focused on giving people access to comfortable exercise clothes ever since!

Selling a full range of gym clothes for men and women. With our professional, friendly design and excellent customer service we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers. Nowadays people are less willing to go to a high-end store for sportswear, but there still is a trend in the number of fitness clubs. People prefer not just to go to the fancy gyms with high membership fees, but also want their own yoga mat or sweatband that would set them apart from the pack. 

Gbonk wants to meet their demand on fast gym wear products that are worth more than a few thousand bucks they can find in stores. We offer everything from sports bras, stringer, tshirts, tank-tops and running shorts, making it possible for everyone who needs good quality gym clothing right away.

What is the meaning of gbonk ?

GBONK was conceptualized keeping in mind the people that the brand caters to.

We took the word BONK from gym slang bonking when you indulged in an intensive workout session after which you’ve been left with absolutely no energy whatsoever? So how do you prevent bonking in the gym ? If you exercise intensely for more than two hours, you need a proper diet and proper clothes before going to gym.

So we came up with g-bonk for all those intense workout bonkers who are fitness freaks and who love hard/heavy workouts and g represents gym.

The feeling of satisfaction knowing that you’ve burnt a lot of calories is what we want our consumers to experience. As a fitness apparel brand, GBONK aspires to become a means by which people indulge in physical activities and are equipped with activewear for men and women that enhances their workout experience. We aspire to become an established name in the fitness ecosystem that resonates with experiential excellence and integrity.

Further, we wish to promote the importance of good health and physical activity in one’s everyday life. To achieve this status quo, GBONK strives towards a relentless pursuit of supreme quality using efficient and sustainable manufacturing practices to enable our apparel to be competitively priced within the market niche.


It all started when we saw people wearing cotton polo tshirt, blue denim jeans and red banians for gym. We really felt we needed to change this trend and bring awareness to have proper gym clothes specifically for the gym.

After years of experiencing that gap we decided to do something about it. Taking a leap by venturing into: fitness gym wear apparel business. On average, people spend 3 days out of every week at the gym or working out on some level; wearing comfortable clothing can improve how much someone exercises.

We take pride in knowing that high quality fabric is what makes the difference between harmful chemicals and premium comfort in your clothes. At gbonk we offer a wide range of sizes from XS-XXL for men and women with a variety of styles.


GBONK stands committed to the spirit of pioneering fitness fashion and boost fitness aspirations


GBONK will be customer's top choice for gym apparel and accessories.

GBONK will gradually become the leaders in online fitness gym clothes sales with the best quality products and great customer service.

GBONK will soon be selling products all over the world with a tag MADE IN INDIA.