The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has reiterated the importance of physical activity, and it is now more than ever that we need to make a conscious effort to lead such a lifestyle. Indulging in the purchase of suitable activewear thus becomes of paramount importance.

Are you looking for affordable activewear in India that oozes elegance and panache in your search for activewear? If so, then your search ends now. Introducing GBONK, an Indian based activewear collection that strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. An activewear apparel startup based in India that is set up keeping in mind the needs of the Indian consumer base.  Affordable, functional and aesthetic, GBONK serves as the ideal gym clothes for men and women living in India. The breathable fabric of activewear apparel allows you to indulge in physical activity despite the harsh climate experienced in India. All this during a time when physical activity has become an indispensable part of modern life. 

GBONK is all set to revolutionise the Indian activewear apparel niche with its consumer-centric and affordable activewear apparel designs. 

What does GBONK represent? 

GBONK was conceptualised keeping in mind the people that the brand caters to. Have you ever indulged in an intensive workout session after which you’ve been left with absolutely no energy whatsoever? The feeling of satisfaction knowing that you’ve burnt a lot of calories is what we want our consumers to experience. 

GBONK | Gym Clothing & Activewear

As a fitness apparel brand, GBONK aspires to become a means by which people indulge in physical activities and are equipped with activewear for men and women that enhances their workout experience. We aspire to become an established name in the fitness ecosystem that resonates with experiential excellence and integrity. Further, we wish to promote the importance of good health and physical activity in one’s everyday life. To achieve this status quo, GBONK strives towards a relentless pursuit of supreme quality using efficient and sustainable manufacturing practices to enable our apparel to be competitively priced within the market niche. 

Our commitment towards sustainability

As an Indian based startup, we at GBONK are committed to providing quality activewear that caters to the masses. To make this dream a reality, we have collaborated with local Indian manufacturers and Indian designers to develop a range of affordable activewear using locally sourced breathable fabric.  

Our designers are given all the liberty to explore their creativity and come up with designs that best exude the character and personality of the consumer. We at GBONK understand the importance of longevity and durability for our consumers, which is why we source locally available Indian based fabrics used to create our activewear. 

All your activewear available under one roof 

Whether you’re looking for casual activewear for your evening walk or need apparel that caters to your intense workouts in the gymnasium, we have you covered. GBONK has come up with an extensive range of activewear apparel that is tailor-made for your needs, keeping the aspect of functionality in mind. Additionally, we go an extra mile in ensuring that our activewear is breathable and can withstand the extremities of the tropical weather experienced in India. We understand the nuances faced by our consumer base in India and have developed a range of activewear that is functional and visually aesthetic. 

An Indian based apparel brand with onboard Indian designers 

Collaborating with Indian manufacturers and Indian designers, we aim to create a sustainable workflow process that enables all Indians to purchase premium quality activewear at affordable prices. GBONK gym clothing is set to revolutionise the activewear market niche with its supreme quality, durability and functionality at an affordable price.  

After the delay, we’re almost there! 

The Covid-19 pandemic that has adversely affected the lives of so many across the world has reiterated the importance of good health in our lives. The experience of indulging in any form of physical activity is significantly enhanced when you’re equipped with breathable activewear that dissipates the heat generated during physical exercises. The range of sustainable activewear offered by GBONK allows you to indulge in your physical activity with ease. The disruptions in the supply chain and workflows in India caused due to Covid-19 has meant that we had to postpone the launch of our products. 


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